Friday, November 16, 2012

A More Moderate/Center Republican Party May Arise Over the Next Four Years

So, Romney held a conference call with some of the top donors to his campaign to give his take on why he lost the election. I wanted to be mad, but I just felt bad for him because it was so sincere and yet so naive. He said that he lost to Obama because Obama gave out gifts. At first I was like, whoa hold on, but then I kept listening and realized that the "gifts" he was referring to were just the President doing his job and taking care U.S. citizens. You know… health care and stuff. The buzz around the Republican Party over the last few days has been concentrated around the center. Republicans across the board, despite criticism from the Tea Party towards Romney for being too moderate, realize that the reason the election was as close as it was, was because Mr. Romney veered away from the super conservative stance that he took in the primaries. Their party is hurting right now, and rather than behaving like an injured feral animal and snapping at anything that comes near them, they are slowly and steadily (even faster than the improving economy) moving towards the center. However, Republicans, you must rid yourselves of what is keeping you from progression and remove the thorn from your paw. I am referring to Speaker John Boehner, who will assuredly prevent the parties from coming together. Remove this thorn, and others like him now, and all will heal with enough time to come together in Congress and make changes for the better. (11/15/2012)

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